Children See. Children Do.

Truth hurts. 

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And share it with each and every person you know.


Vallaree said...

I agree with this. After being aware of this fact few months back, when i started observing my child's behavior, I was shocked. But isnt it true also with what we are exposing them to. Here I am to the nursery rhymes which we sing to children, at home or in school. With a song like Rain Rain go away, what are we doing? asking rain to go away, can we in India afford so, just because the little child's wants to play? Are we not putting fear in child's mind while singing rhymes like Jack and Jill and tell them they will get beating, or a song like humty dumpty, if they sit on wall they will fall. Or from a rhyme like johny Johny,
it is ok to lie to your parents. After all the parents and what parents say, may it be just communication or rhymes, children consider it as the only world at young age and behave exactly the same, isnt it? Just brining it to your notice may be because after bringing this to One of your School's notice, i did not get to see them singing only positive songs. May be I am emphasizing too much on yes parenting, but it is just for my child as well for all other children to learn good and positive things in their toddler hood.

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